Friday, June 18, 2010


Our sardines are caught directly off the Galician-Portuguese coast and are hand-packed to preserve their freshness. Our sauces follow traditional recipes (in olive oil, tomato, pickled, spicy and with a twist of lemon). Each of our sauces is made only with natural ingredients. There are no preservatives or colouring agents whatsoever. Find both our 3 pieces /tin Sardines and our delicacy: Small Sardines, with the softest texture and richest flavour of this blue fish. Yummy!!!

We have our own factory dedicated to the production of Sardines. The factory is open from July to December, the period when fresh sardines are caught in the waters of Galicia and the north of Portugal. The raw material comes to our factory just caught, so we can ensure packing them on the same day. If you like Sardines but have not tried the ones of CUCA yet... be prepared to re-discover one of the best fishes that can be preserved.

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