Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We are proud to announce the new line of Tuna Skipjack CUCA. Following the same parameters of the Cuca Quality Seal, we have developed a line of Tuna Skipjack based on the following parameters:

- Only Pole & Line fishing. This way, we guarantee the freshness of the product and a sustainable fishing method. We can certify all the captures.

- Artisan methods on the production process. Extra clean loans of tuna in order to give our customers the best product on the market

- Only Spanish Olive Oil accompanies this product

3 different formats have been launched:

- RO70 (65 g net weight)

- RO70 Pack-3 (3*65 g net weight)

- OL120 (110 g net weight)

- OL240 (230 g net weight)

All products with easy opening.