Friday, July 9, 2010


Eating fish is fashionable in Spain. This is a curious sentence since Spain has been traditionally a big manufacturer and consumer of fish. But the sentence “fasionable” makes sense because fish has all the properties we ask to a food today: it is healthy, it isn’t fattening. If we also ask for health benefits, reasonable price, easy storage and different ways of cooking it so everyone likes it… we are making a reference to the White Tuna or “Bonito” as known in Spanish.

White tuna is a blue fish that is part of our culture and diet. Soft flavour, well accepted by all ages, different presentations from raw to canned and any conceivable cooking method: stewed, grilled, baked, in a salad, in a sandwich, as a starter, in “tapas”… in addition the nutritional facts are huge.

It is a part of the tunids. It is a fish with a 58% of eatable parts and every serving size of 100 g gives us 200 calories (the same of a grilled steak), 27 g of proteins of a high biological value (the best for muscles and bones) and 13 g of fat which the biggest part are polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6. These last have a high importance on general health and specifically in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

This food is highly recommendable for children because it contributes with proteins, D and B vitamins, iodine and iron who are very important for their growth. A good idea would be to introduce this product on a sandwich for supper. A can of white tuna contributes to the daily recommended intake of D and B12 vitamins.

On adults the benefits are enormous. White tuna contains Omega 3 fats in a proportion very recommendable to protect the heart and the arteries from arteriosclerosis and ageing.

We must remind the availability and easiness of transportation of a can of white tuna. We can store and eat it anywhere. Very useful for people who work in offices.

On old people it is specially useful because of the easy digestion and the absence of bones. There are encouraging studies about the benefits of Omega 3 in the prevention of illnesses such as Alzheimer and some kinds of cancer.

We must remember that we have to eat blue fish 3 or 4 times per week, always taking into account the cooking and preserving rules. The quality of the products we choose will have a direct influence on the health properties and also on the flavour.

In this sense, both White Tuna and White Tuna Belly Fillets CUCA are recommended due to the quality treatment in all their processes, starting from the size selection of the raw material (small and medium pieces, individually fished by pole in the summer season) and also because of the slow cooking so they keep all the nutritional properties and flavour. Finally, the addition of the best Spanish olive oil is essential for preservation, flavour and health properties.

Only Thunnus Alalunga is used in the CUCA tins. This is the best "Bonito" you can find.

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