Friday, July 9, 2010


Eating well is a synonymous of health and Sardines are one of the food that contribute more to health. In addition, their meat is one of the most tasty and aromatic. Sardines are also the most popular fish in Spain. It is the blue fish referent. It is more fatty, energetic and has more vitamins than white fish. In their meat two factors have a big influence: the freshness and the season. Summertime is the best season because the fish has more fat and this increases the aroma of the meat.

We can prepare it in many different ways: fried, grilled, in a barbecue, in pickled sauce… The result is always and exquisite morsel whatever the preparation is. The only secret is that they must be extra fresh both if you buy them at the fish market or if you buy them canned. In this last case, the sardines must have been processed fresh before preserving them.

Sardines have more A and D vitamins than any other fish. Canned are a source of calcium and phosphorus. 100 g of sardines contribute the 100% of the daily recommended intake of D vitamin and the 40% of calcium. They also contribute with a lot of proteins (18% of the product) of great quality and their fat (8% even it depends on the season) have a very healthy profile due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3. This fat makes the Sardines a functional food, it could also be considered a medicine for people with osteoporosis, health pathologies, pregnant women and old people with dementia.

Canned sardines are a moderated intake of 210 calories for each 100 g of product. This is a little superior than the fresh ones, but they have other pros: you don’t need to clean them, they are always ready for consumption, don’t need cold for preservation and in addition, you can eat them with the bones. The bones are a source of calcium because the sardine is rich in D vitamin.

A dish or a sandwich of sardines in olive oil or tomato is an excellent dish for children and teenagers (much better than factory produced baked goods or chocolate) and a perfect option for pregnant women. In fact, it is an advisable food for everyone.

All the CUCA sardines are processed just fresh, caught the same day of the production during the summer season. The highest quality is guaranteed and in fact the CUCA sardines are considered the best sardines of the Spanish market. Only the sardine “Saldina Pilchardus” is used. This is the Atlantic sardine present on the coast of Spain and Portugal. Do not confuse with Pacific sardines that in Europe can’t be labelled as "Sardine" because of the very different quality and different origin.

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