Monday, July 19, 2010


Squid is a sea product between fish and shellfish. It is a cephalopod with a big head and a spherical body with two fins they use to move at a high velocity with the help of a water propelling mechanism. Squids live in groups in constant movement and live between 2 and 5 years. Their size can reach up to 60 cm, even in Spain it is difficult to find them so big. In the Cantabrian coast they are fished in the Summer season and in the Northern Sea in Fall and Winter. On the market you may find them fresh, frozen or canned.

Fresh squids bought on the fish markets must be consistent, be wet and give off a slight smell of the sea. If you want to know if the squid is fresh, you must look at the colour: the deepest and more intense the colour is, the fresher the squid is. The meat must be white and they must be stored very fresh until the moment they are cooked. Fresh or cooked they can be stored for a couple of days on the fridge. They are also be frozen so they are kept in perfect conditions for 3 months.

As a food, Squids are part of the Spanish cuisine. They can be eaten in so many ways, although in their own ink with white rice is the most typical recipe. Also battered and fried (Roman style squids) are very typical for having them as a “tapa”. In addition, when stuffed with its own body, the highest quality is achieved.

Both frozen or canned they keep the same nutritional values as fresh squids.

They are food with a high content of water, without fat and high quality proteins. Also a lot of A Vitamin is present.

Due to its composition, they are ideal for loosing weight or for people with high cholesterol. They add very little calories and no fat. 100 g of squid is only 80 calories, the same as a skimmed yoghurt.

It is a healthy food, of soft flavour easy to eat and perfect for any diet.

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