Friday, July 5, 2013

Family Reserve

We are happy to announce the Family Reserve family of products.
This is a special family series, a range of exquisite products that are made the old-fashioned way, product of our exclusive knowledge and traditions since 1887

Albacore Tuna

Made with the best raw materials. Albacore tuna, selected and made by hand, following our tradition since 1887. Product selected exclusively during the Albacore tuna prime fishing season. The most delicious Albacore tuna, to surprise them with.


The most exclusive mussels from the Galician Rias, and fried in the best oil. Produced in accordance with traditional methods, thanks to the experience acquired since 1887. The best mussels to surprise your most select guests. 

Small Sardines

Thanks to the selection process, in which only the freshest sardines, and of a certain size, are chosen, and thanks to a production process that has been followed since 1887, we offer the Cuca Family Reserve small sardines. Tasty and tender, the best sardines to delight your guests with a special roasty flavour.

Ventresca Tuna

From the exclusive selection of the best Albacore tuna, caught only during the Albacore tuna prime fishing season. The Cuca Family Reserve ventresca is prepared with the most select and delicious ingredients, and the production method followed since 1887. The best ventresca to offer your guests.