Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CUCA and Sustainability

The group Conservas Garavilla, manufacturer of the brand CUCA, is a member of the ISSF (International Seafood Sustainability Foundation) , a leading global association for sustainability and conservation of the population of tuna stocks.

The ISSF is composed of international scientists, professionals from the tuna industry and the WWF.

Founded in March 2009, ISSF is an institution for collaboration between the tuna industry, the marine scientific community and the WWF, a leading worldwide association for sustainability and nature conservation.

The mission of ISSF is to undertake research-based initiatives for the conservation and long-term sustainable exploitation of tuna stocks, to reduce non-regulated fishing, and promote the health of marine ecosystems.

Both the company and the fleet of Conservas Garavilla are aware of the current condition of the seas, and therefore they support the ISSF strategic plan, which establishes achievable goals and real solutions. Even if all the targets for this three-year initiative are not met, we will at least achieve, through measurable progress, that the world´s tuna fisheries become closer to a state of sustainability.