Friday, March 7, 2014

Canned Fish and Seafood, a Spanish Art

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Canned food is rarely synonymous with gastronomy.  Pay a visit to your local grocery store and pick up any random can of tuna to understand this sad reality.  However, there is a place where they elevate this basic conservation process into an Art.  This place is Spain.
Spain loves it’s fish and seafood.  They like them fresh, they like them grilled, they like them as tapas.  And they also love them in cans when they come from Galicia, Spain’s only Atlantic window and home of this great canned food industry.  
In Galicia, the artisans make it a point to not only deliver extraordinary quality in canned fish and seafood, but their dedication goes one step closer to heaven, as the cans are hand filled in order to enhance the pleasure with the beauty of the presentation. If you think I am pushing the can a little bit too much, just look at these pictures taken by Gerry Dawes, a Spain aficionado and well known journalist, and James Beard nominee.

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